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Victoria Ann Devine is a teacher, owner of a private tutoring business, and author of the well-known children’s book Santa’s Bully Elf. She was a “Leading Lady” in South Jersey Magazine’s list of Most Notable Women, honored by Women of Distinction Magazine, and recognized by The Courier Post. Victoria is an advocate for many bullying organizations and promotes an anti-bullying message at elementary schools. Bullying is a global issue that can have long-term effects on a child, and her first book communicates the significance of this type of intimidation.


Victoria was most recently featured in an issue of Story Monsters Ink®, The Literary Resource for Teachers, Librarians, and Parents. Story Monsters Ink® is a digital monthly publication that features profiles on renowned and newly published authors, book reviews, movie reviews, columns by Scholastic Book Clubs president Judy Newman and Reading Specialist Larissa Juliano, and more! It’s a monster of a magazine, filled with great reads for growing minds!

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An Elementary and Students with Disabilities Teacher for more than 10 years in the state of New Jersey, Devine is known for stressing the importance of reading and writing. She holds a competitive writing contest each year with 4th and 5th graders, and just this year one of her 4th graders was chosen to have her work copyrighted in a magazine. Her goal is to develop a passion for learning, while also developing students’ confidence necessary to succeed academically.

Devine decided it was time to write her own children’s book, ‘Santa’s Bully Elf’. Written and published as a way to promote an anti-bullying message, the book intertwines Christmas spirit with an elf, one of the main characters, who happens to be a Golden Retriever named Sparky.

“My book was written for elementary school aged children to teach them how wrong and hurtful bullying is to others through a familiar narrative of the holiday season,” Devine said. “As an author, I wanted children to understand that everyone should be treated the same. Our society spends too much time analyzing and judging others. We need to be more accepting of everyone, especially since we live in an extremely diverse world.”

As a teacher, Devine began sharing her story in the classroom with students and other teachers and it has become widely accepted. As a tutor, she discovered a remarkable second grader that helped her co-author, MacCarrig. The amazing Sparky returns in 2018 as a professor of wisdom in Sparky’s Bully Workshop. Devine encourages children to find their inner boldness and confidence when faced with a bully.

Devine is also the owner of a very successful tutoring business, which she promotes by herself. She is the recipient of a 2016 Excellence Award from Women of Distinction Magazine. Devine can also be found onFacebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Devine is scheduling author visits with news stations, newspapers, libraries, bookstores, and schools. She has also been getting requests from local bookstores to stock her book and discuss her expertise on anti-bullying. If you are interested in meeting Victoria, please email her at:

– I always tell my students that with hard work and effort they can be extraodinary

– I will always work hard at ending the global issue of bullying

– Writing children’s books is my dream turned into reality

– I’m thankful that my family and Golden Retriever love my craziness

– My favorite place is the beach

– I love boating and fishing, but I never seem to catch any fish!